Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time Spec: A Primer on Military Watches from Worn & Wound

In my everquest search on Mil-Spec watches:

Excerpt from Worn & Wound:
"From the beginning of its existence, the watch has been an information tool, giving its wearer some piece of intelligence that he wouldn’t have on his own. Perhaps nowhere is that truer or better realized than in the military watch.
Almost as long as watches have existed, governments and militaries have been buying and issuing timepieces to be used in nearly every military scenario imaginable. Strictly utilitarian, these watches have served as functional instruments, designed to give their wearers specific and accurate information in environments not often encountered by civilian watches."

OK, that should be enough to get you interested and popping on over to their page and read the whole story! Click the link onward!  http://wornandwound.com/2013/09/10/a-primer-on-mil-spec-watches/

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