Thursday, August 16, 2012

X GAMES ENDURO X 2012 Final Highlight

I love EnduroCross! But watching the sport make its way into the XGames, reminded me about the DVD I bought back in 2009 of the Vegas event. As I was watching the XGames YouTube clip, I did a generic search on YouTube and sorted by "Most Viewed" and discovered this video that shows just how hard this sport is for the "regular bonafiede dirt bike guy."

So before you just pop out to your next event and want to flex mad skillz, just watch this video:

You better recognize!

And then - there is ERZBERG RODEO that can not be contained in a small format of a structural building:

And when that is all done and finished, wipe the sweat off and just know when RedBull has their name on it - OMG!!!

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